You have to wonder what the story is with this Capri. It looks like it was crashed, dropped back home by a tow truck and left in that same spot for many years.
Dusty and no doubt rusty. These 105 are now very sort after. My mechanic who’s an Alfa specialist told me not to touch them back in the early 2000s (before they jumped in value). That was probably the only time I didn’t take his advice.
This Impala seems clean. It mostly lives in a carport.
This neat little Model A Ford was also advertised locally on Gumtree. I haven’t seen it since.
Another that has since moved on, although I don’t think this little Fiat 850 would be coming back to life.
No words.
I guess “WOG BOY” was taken… Dad’s first 2 cars were “Valiant”.